Virtual VBS
July 13-17

Due to Covid-19, Spotswood has adopted a Virtual VBS (VVBS) model to foster family time, Bible study, and opportunities for intentional outreach during a season of life that has truly taken us on a journey “Off the Map.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Vacation Bible School (VVBS) consists of several pre-recorded elements that will be delivered digitally to you for use in your home from July 13-17.

There are 5 digital elements that you will have access to each day of VVBS.

Each element is around 15 minutes.

1. Pastors Drew and Dakota will be doing the virtual vacation Bible school opening.

2. Adam Geldart will be teaching the Bible story.

3. Pastor David will be leading Bible application.

4. Alison List will be leading craft time.

5. Michele Cuba is facilitating in community missions interviews.

In a word: ANYONE! Our VVBS is designed for ease-of-use and can be used by anyone willing to guide their children (and others) through each element.

Focus on inviting your child’s closest friends and close neighbor children. While we are encouraging Spotswood families to use this as an outreach to neighbors/ friends, it also works great if you can’t invite neighbors/ friends. It will be an encouraging and fun time for your children!

In every way, Spotswood’s VVBS is designed to be fun and easy to use. Each home will come by the church at a designated time to get their leader guide and pre-made craft materials. All the work has been done, you are just hosting the event.

As a host, you will be responsible for inviting a few children over for the week of July 13-17 (be sure to register each of them here on our site), and creating a space to accommodate the viewing of a screen. You will also need to provide a light snack.

You may need to guide a few younger children through the craft element. Other than that, sit back and enjoy seeing children learning about the Bible.

While you have some down time, we encourage you to PRAY!

• Pray for the parents of the children you will invite.
• Pray that these parents will be open to allowing their children to participate.
• Pray God will use this tool to reach lost folks!!

Dr. Landry will be presenting the Gospel during the Thursday morning opening element. Consider asking parents to stick around for this. If a child indicates that they want to make a decision for Christ, or want more information simply send an email to with the child’s name, parents name and cell phone number. We will be happy to reach out to them.

It’s easy! Invite them over for the mornings of July 13-17. A typical virtual vacation Bible school day is 1.5-2 hours. All content will be delivered to you electronically. Just click on the link and play it!!! Really!!!

Spotswood’s virtual vacation Bible school has been designed for use with children entering kindergarten through completed fifth grade.

About the Theme: Journey Off the Map

The theme of the week addresses the question: How do we navigate these challenging times? During the first half of the week, we will take a look at Daniel’s life on the pages of Scripture. Just as Daniel faced some very challenging times and God cared for him, we want our kids to know that the same God cares for us. He is trustworthy. As we help kids follow, trust, and know their Guide, they will be able to “stay on track” with their relationship with Him. On Day 4, we will look at how God provides for us today through His Son, Jesus Christ. Day 5 will end our week with a look forward, watching for Jesus’ return.

Missions Project

The Missions Project this year is a food drive where each family collects non-perishable food items and uses them to construct a build. Pictures of the build are emailed to a designated church address. Pictures are then posted on the Kids’ Ministry Facebook page and food collection drop offs occur at Spotswood on Day 5.


Our VVBS journey each day is composed of the following “stops” where our Virtual Guides will highlight another aspect of the trail:

Welcome: Trail Head!

The trail head is where every trail begins and denotes our daily opener. Our virtual Trail Guide welcomes the kids, and introduces the motto, memory verse, and game. He also encourages them with their mission project. This segment ends with the daily episode of Jules & Cyrus in their daily adventure of “Journey off the Map.”

Stop 1: Recreation

An adult in the family (host) will assist in leading the game.

Stop 2: Bible Lesson

Kids will meet Daniel of the Old Testament as they hear the passages of Scripture come alive.

Stop 3: Singing

Kids will sing along with the Lifeway video.

Stop 4: Bible Application

Kids will learn how to use their Bibles and apply Scripture to their lives.

Stop 5: Craft

Our Virtual Guide takes the kids step by step through their craft, reinforcing the lesson connection and Biblical truth.

Stop 6: Missions

Our Missions’ Guide visits a different location each day to interview people to find out what they do and how we can be involved. These places include the Fredericksburg Food Bank, the Homeless Shelter, the Love Pantry, etc.

Closing: Back at the Trail Head!

Our Trail Guide will wrap up the day and give a teaser for the Family Night Adventure.

Family Night Adventures:

The kids will make a “Flat Daniel” on Day 1. Our Trail Guide will weave him into the opening, but he somehow loses his Flat Daniel and enlists the kids to find him. Flat Daniel appears at different stops, but always out of view of the guide. The kids will enjoy trying to find Flat Daniel in each segment. At the end of each VVBS day, each child will receive a “Family Night Adventure Card”. Each card has an activity that correlates with the story that the entire family can participate in together. The activities vary and range from nature walks, to scavenger hunts, some include solving codes or creating something. Each child will have their own Flat Daniel to take on their Family Adventures as a reminder of the lessons they are learning each day. He will be included in a photo op at the culmination of each Family Adventure task. The photo can then emailed in to be posted on our Kids’ Ministry Facebook page.