Midweek at Spotswood.

Impact Groups.

Do you want to be an observer or a participant in the Game? Our Impact Groups will focus on lifestyle discipleship, sharing ideas and ways to meet people within your sphere of influence, right where they are, and walk with them at their pace towards faith in Christ… then continue walking with them and showing them how they too can and will become spiritual reproducers to the third and fourth generations.

Play an Instrument or Sing?

The orchestra and choir meet at 6:45P to practice and prepare for worship on Sunday mornings (9:30A service). Email Pastor Josh Morton for more information at: jmorton@spotswood.org.

Adult Growth Groups.

Are you looking for ways to go deeper in your study and understanding of God? Starting at 6:45P, our Midweek Adult Growth Groups offer a seminar-style opportunity to learn about a variety of topics, including theology, Biblical studies, and Christian living. You can see the full list by downloading the Midweek at Spotswood brochure!