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Spotswood Students exist to help middle and high schoolers experience life change, because of Jesus, one step at a time. Our Student Ministry, led by Pastors Dakota Gragg (High School) and Pastor Kyle Kelley (Middle School), is one of our most exciting ministries at Spotswood. With relevant, engaging, age- & stage-specific teaching, these two ministries are constantly growing and offering new opportunities to engage and get connected.

New Online Series

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We want to stay connected with you in this season of social distancing.
So we have launched a new Spotswood Students YouTube Channel (go subscribe).

That’s where we’ll be launching our next series, On the Spot Q&A. We want to know the questions you are asking – about God, the Bible, Jesus, Church, or the Christian faith in general. Once we have them, Pastors Kyle and Dakota will post an answer to YouTube.

How to Submit Your Question

There are a couple different ways that you can send in your questions to Kyle & Dakota.

• Social Media (Facebook + Instagram) – Write a post with the hashtag #OnTheSpotQ&A or send us a direct message.

• Email us at

Midweek for Students.

On Hold Until Further Notice

Spotswood Student Building

Upcoming Series: Truth in Love

The world is full of controversial topics. There have been few as controversial in recent years, however, as that of homosexuality. For years the church has struggled to handle this is a way that is both true to God’s Word and loving in its response. Now we have a generation of students growing up in a world that feels they have to choose between the two. But what if there was a way to do both? What if our students could feel confident that they knew what the Bible says and they could navigate it lovingly with their friends, family members…or even their own feelings? Join us for this Midweek series as we seek to accomplish the goal of speaking the truth about homosexuality in the most loving way possible.

Student Missions.


At Spotswood, we believe the greatest need of every human heart is to hear and believe the Gospel. Your student will consistently encounter the good news of Jesus on our campus, but we will also challenge them to be transformed by that Gospel, and then train them to share it at their school, on their team, in their workplace, and in the world.

Download: Spotswood Student Missions Info Guide


This summer, our students will have 3 missions opportunities to take advantage of: 


Collide Caroline

Dates: July 6-12

Cost: $99


Collide DC

Dates: July 20-25

Cost: 325


Collide Mexico

Dates: July 16-25

Cost: $1500


Collide Caroline

Collide DC

Collide Mexico

Special Events.

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