Students at Spotswood.

Spotswood Students exists to be a community light that makes middle and high schoolers into disciples who love God and love their neighbor. Led by Pastor Dakota (HS) and Pastor Kyle (MS), our student ministries are constantly growing and offering new opportunities to engage and get connected.


MSM + HSM • Wednesdays • 6-8:30p


Current Study

Vantage Point: A Study in the Book of Philippians

Student Camp 2024

May 30 – June 2, 2024

Theme: BIG

Who: MSM + HSM Students

Where: Watermarks Camp

Cost: $400

HSM | Guy’s & Girl’s Bible Studies.


Girls Bible Study

June 6, 20
July 11, 25
August 8

Current Study: Good Boundaries & Goodbyes

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Guys Bible Study

June 6, 20
July 11, 25
August 8

Current Study: Spiritual Warfare

In HSM, discipleship takes place in the context of our Journey Groups, accountability groups of 2-3 students meeting with a mature believer biweekly.  Our Journey Group leaders will be equipped with tools to guide students through Biblical studies specifically addressing where the students are at in their walk.

How long does it last?
This depends on the student.  Discipleship can last anywhere from 6 months to 24 months.  Our initial study lasts 6 weeks.  We would then encourage groups to dive deeper into studies and topics that directly address where students are in their walk.


Want to be discipled? Want to make disciples?