Kids Ministry.

Our mission is to create a safe, engaging environment for children to learn, explore and grow in their understanding of who Jesus is all while having a great time!

We Believe.

It’s written above the doors of our building and we’re sure you’ll agree: Children are a precious gift. Our entire ministry is centered around showing you and your children that your entire family is highly valued. We look forward to partnering with you as you raise your children. Spend some time exploring our website to find answers to most questions you may have, but please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Pastor David at Spotswood Baptist Church

The Children’s Ministry Team at Spotswood consider it a privilege from God to share biblical instruction and love with your child. We view ourselves as partners with you.

As a parent, you make the most significant spiritual impact on your child. Talking about God and His goodness teaches your child about the nature of God. Telling your child about your own faith in Christ and your convictions about His Word shows your child the importance of personal commitment. Regular Bible Study, prayer, family devotional, and church attendance demonstrate the priority of God in your life.

These are critical years as you lay the foundation for your child’s future. It is our prayer that, like Jesus, your child will grow “in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and men.” (Luke 2:52)

-David Short, Minister to Preschool and Children


Preschool & Kindergarten

We offer a safe, secure environment for preschoolers (birth-kindergarten) to learn. We use Bible-based literature published by Lifeway to begin laying spiritual foundations during the short time your children are with us. Since they learn through play, the lessons are activity based on most activities relating directly to the lesson objective of the week.

Preschoolers may remain in the same classroom during parents’ worship time and Connect Group hour. Children may be given a snack of Ritz crackers and water or another snack as posted outside their classroom.

Thank you for the privilege of partnering with you during these critical years.

Sunday Connect Groups

Preschool Connect Groups are offered at 9:30A and 11A. When you come for the first time, register your child at the check-in desk.

Extended Teaching Care

Extended Teaching Care is the ministry of care and teaching for preschoolers, children birth through Kindergarten, during worship services. The purpose is to extend the same teaching and guidance offered in Connect Group, with Bible-based teaching sessions and planned activities.

As part of the smooth operation of the Preschool Ministry, parents of preschoolers are expected to serve once a month. However, any adult or mature teen in the church is encouraged to serve in this fun ministry. Those who serve in ETC are asked to guide the preschoolers through Bible-learning activities provided for them. Each age level will have different methods and age-appropriate activities, but all the activities will help the children become increasingly aware of the concepts such as God, Bible, Self, Family, Others, and the Natural World.

Preschoolers may remain in the same classroom during parents’ worship time and Connect Group hour. Children may be given a snack of Ritz crackers and water or another snack as posted outside their classroom.

Thank you for the privilege of partnering with you during these critical years.

Grades 1-5

We offer Bible-based classes for children in grades 1-5 for one hour each Sunday morning. Families have the option of worshiping together either before or after their Adult Connect Group hour at 9:30A or 11A. Children have the opportunity each week to hone their Bible skills, learn a memory verse, hear a Bible story, pray, and participate in activities that help them make practical application of Biblical truths. Children in grades 1 and 2 must be signed in by a parent/guardian and picked up by that adult at the end of the hour. Third graders have the option of being released to meet their parents at a pre-determined location just like the 4th and 5th graders. Our goal in the children’s department is to come alongside you as you raise your children to know and love The Lord.

Sunday Connect Groups

Children’s Sunday Connect Groups are offered at 9:30A and 11A. When you come for the first time, register your child at the check-in desk.

Children in Worship

Family worship is an important part of Spotswood Baptist Church. As your child enters elementary school you will find increased interest in God, Jesus, and church. This is the right time to begin training your child for worship service participation. In terms of the spiritual training of your child, family worship time on Sunday morning may be the most important event of your week. It lays the foundation for your family devotions at home.

Worshiping together as a family is preferable to a Children’s Church Sunday morning format because:

  • Children’s Church splits up families on Sunday morning. Children go to their Connect Groups and then to Children’s Church, not seeing Mom and Dad again until it is time to go home. Without Children’s Church, families would go to small group Bible study with their friends (Connect Groups), then to family worship time together. Worship may be the only time all week that a family sits down together. Family worship is a critical part of the spiritual heritage you are building for your family.
  • It is critically important for children to see Mom and/or Dad worshiping by holding their Bible, singing, tithing, and listening to the pastor speak from the Bible. This worshipful behavior passively teaches children the importance of spiritual things and models for the child’s reverence and worship. Godly attitudes are more caught by parents than taught by Children’s Church leadership.
  • On the occasion that the sermon is beyond the child’s comprehension, there is still much to learn. Learning to worship and learning about reverence is critically important and should be taught and practiced as soon as the child is capable of the behavior. If a child does not understand a part of the service, the parent(s) have the opportunity throughout the week to explain it on the child’s level.
  • Worship is a place where children can identify role models.
  • By separating families on Sunday morning, we are robbing parents of the opportunity to perform their most important task – spiritually training their children. The Bible teaches that it is the parent’s responsibility to spiritually train their children – Deut. 6. The role of the church is to support, facilitate, train, and encourage the parents in this most important task.

Taking your child to worship with you may seem like a challenge. Age appropriate Children’s Worship Bulletins are provided at the guest station in the foyer outside the main auditorium. Be assured there are rich spiritual rewards ahead for your family. Imagine being able to have discussions during the week about topics heard from the pulpit together during family worship!

Special Needs

The Special Needs Ministry class for young adults meets at 9:30A. The class for kids meets at 11A. Our ministry to families with special needs is directed by Rebecca Diehl – a professional in the Special Needs field.

There are a wide variety of special needs children and young adults in the ministry. Teacher/Student ratios are low. If you think your child is a candidate, please register him/her at the Preschool check-in desk.




Registration is now OPEN

AWANA is an international, Bible-centered children’s and youth ministry. The acronym AWANA comes from “Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed.” (2 Timothy 2:15)

Five Benefits of AWANA

• Fun–One of the best parts of AWANA is that your child will learn these skills while having fun.

• Memorization Skills–Memorizing Bible verses is key to the AWANA program.

• Teamwork–AWANA provides a sense of belonging for children. The uniforms are worn each week to help kids feel part of the group.

• Confidence–Memorizing verses is hard work. Ask any kid in AWANA. But also ask those who have finished a handbook to show you their award, and you will see a proud smile. For children that don’t excel at sports, this can be crucial to building self-esteem.

• Spiritual Compass–In the world around us, we can clearly see a lack of moral and spiritual direction. AWANA trains children to use the Bible to develop morals and strong character.

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Wednesday 6:30P – 8P
AWANA ministry is divided into age-specific clubs.

  • Cubbies (3 and 4-year-olds)
  • Sparks (Grade K-2)
  • Truth and Training (grades 3-6)
  • Trek (MS)
  • Journey (HS)

for more information, click here.

Game Time
Every AWANA meeting includes team and individual competitions. Dozens of organized games get everyone’s participation, unleashing natural energy and enthusiasm. Everyone wins in that each team member is cheered by their team to do their best.

Handbook Time
Using achievement-oriented learning segments, AWANA emphasizes the importance of God’s Word for sound living. Clubbers progress through graded handbooks, working individually and together with their leaders.

Council Time
This is a general session for everyone. It’s quality time for group Bible study followed by awards and recognition for individual handbook progress and for points scored during team play.

Preschool Programming is available for those children under 3. Check-in at the desk across from the fish tank

Helping people take simple steps toward creating a God-honoring home.

As a parent, you are the primary discipler of your child. We know that’s not an easy task, particularly as your child gets older. That’s where we come in. We love coming alongside families like yours to help you experience wins at home!

And the best way we can do that is with a helpful tool called HOMEPOINTE ONLINE. Click the button below to start exploring.

Don’t miss the POINTERS and RECIPE CARDS – each one is filled with helpful tips for any and every situation.


Anytime there is a 5th Sunday in a month, we’ll be gathering our kids from grades 1-5 together for a great time of high energy worship and large group teaching. Your kids will have the best time and grow together with others their age. (This is a great invite opportunity!)

Upcoming 5th Sundays: 

June 30, 2024
September 29, 2024

Additional Ministry Activities

Spotswood offers various other events through out the year.

Parent Dedication

By participating in a Parent Dedication Ceremony, parents are making a public commitment to raise their child according to biblical teachings. The ceremony takes place during the 11A service, four times a year (March, June, September, and December). Attendance in a Parent Dedication class is required to participate in the ceremony. Contact Pastor David Short ( for more information.


2024 Parent Dedication Services

  • March 3 Class / March 17 Dedication – 9:30A service
  • June 2 Class / June 23 Dedication – 11:00A service
  • Sept 1 Class / Sept 15 Dedication 9:30A service
  • Dec 1 Class / Dec 15 Dedication 11:00A service

Parent Resources

Your child’s safety and security are our highest priorities! To that end all volunteers are subject to a background check through We have a security system in place to safeguard your child whenever they are in our care.