Spotswood College

A Gospel Movement of 18-25 year olds in Fredericksburg, VA to share the truth, community, and mission of Jesus around the world.

We all have questions. It’s important that we voice them!


We’re spending the summer answering your questions in hopes that it will fortify your faith and help you come awake to the reality that there are biblical answers to those questions. 


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Connect With Us

College Ministry // 18-25


Sunday Mornings:

Midmorning boost: 9:30-10a in the College Building.
Coffee, breakfast, and good friends!

Groups:  Sundays 10-10:45a in the College Building.

College Nights

Wednesdays in the College Building
Doors open at 6:30p, things kick off at 7p!

On the Horizon

To RSVP, text the corresponding phrase (in quotes below) to 540.613.1001

June 1 • Summer Kickoff

June 11 • FredNats (“Baseball”)

June 12 • Leader Meeting

June 13-17 • VBS

June 29 • LoveFXBG Day // Serve + Worship

July 9 • Top Golf (“Golf”)

July 22 • Family Dinner (“Hungry”)

August 6 • LoveFXBG Day // Serve + Worship

August 10 • Reclaim Arcade

Looking for a great CHURCH?

We believe EVERYONE needs to not only attend but BELONG to a thriving church.

If you’re in the Fredericksburg area, come and visit us!

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