Legacy Parenting Conference

As parents, our most important goal is to raise sons and daughters who love God with all their hearts and follow Jesus for their lifetimes.

The Legacy Parenting Conference is a two-day gathering designed to fill parents with hope and a fresh perspective on parenting.

You’ll enjoy three main session talks from our friend and speaker, Jason Jimenez, and multiple breakouts that were created with you in mind!

Friday, April 28 – Saturday, April 29

Cost: $20 per person, $30 per couple


Why people are coming to Legacy


Friday Evening

Public, Private, or Home: Discovering God’s Will in Education

Parenting Christians in a Gender-Fluid World

Discipleship From Diapers to Diplomas

Fostering Hospitality: How the church can open their homes to foster and adoptive families

Saturday Morning

Their Doubts, Your Response: Navigating Kids’ Questions About Christianity

Parenting Christians in a Gender-Fluid World: What To Do

The Neglected Weapon: How and What to Pray for your Kids

Your Hardest Job: Disciplining Your Kids in a Godward Direction

Prioritizing Marriage as a Parent


6:00p – Check-in (event and childcare)

6:30p – Session #1

7:45p – Break (Snacks, Coffee, etc. available)

8:00p – Breakout Session #1

8:45p – Dismissal

8:00a – Check-in

8:30a – Session #2

9:45a – Break (Snacks, Coffee, etc. available)

10:00a – Breakout Session #2

10:45a – Break (Snacks, Coffee, etc. available)

11:00a – Session #3

12:15p – Dismissal