Welcome Team.

All church members should feel a burden to create a welcoming environment in our church on Sunday mornings. Every arriving member, guest, and new visitor deserves to experience the Love of Christ, expressed through the believers they interact with.

No special skills are needed to become a part of this valuable team – only a willingness to represent Christ in your demeanor, and a drive to meet the needs of our Sunday morning guests. There are many facets of the Welcome Team, and we are always in need of additional volunteers. Find your place below or ask us questions at FirstImpressions@spotswood.org!

That man or woman or child who is visiting your church comes with expectations and needs.

The first line of ministry takes place with greeters.”

-Thom S. Rainer
Becoming a Welcoming Church

Serving Opportunities.

Welcome Team

Our Welcome Team staffs the entire church on Sunday Mornings, serving in-between services to ensure that members and visitors alike find a warm and welcoming environment in our Church.

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Parking Team

As our church grows, we have a great new need for a dedicated Traffic Management team to ensure that pedestrians can travel safely, and first-time visitors can easily find parking.

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Extended Campus Team

If you attend a class in Grace House, Hope Hall, or the Encounter Building, we need you! Our extended campus needs greeters to guide guests and visitors to the correct locations on Sundays prior to each service.

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Next Steps Station

Our Next Steps team serves Sundays between services and is trained to answer questions about baptism, membership, and church events. This is a great opportunity for you if you feel called to help guests and members more easily connect with our church resources.

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Special Events

Check here for news and information about volunteer opportunities for upcoming events.

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Security Team

Help us provide a safe and friendly environment to our guests. Work as part of a team to respond to incidents on campus and to provide a visual presence on campus during our Wednesday and Sunday activities.

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