We love to invest in our members here at Spotswood. As a multi-generational church, it is important to us to reach and support all ages and stages of life. Below are the five major areas that we serve adults.
We’d specifically like to call your attention to our Connect Groups. At the core of Spotswood is a strong core of small groups. There are many classes, all stage-graded, for all adults. This is square one in getting connected at Spotswood.


Our senior adults have an active, thriving ministry with many service opportunities, monthly trips and meals, and more!

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We know a crucial aspect of the family and our church is men. Our men's ministry is dedicated to providing the men of Spotswood a strong foundation.



When the weight of life and family press in, our women's ministry is there to provide encouragement, community and love.


Young Adults

As you transition out of the college years, we are here to help give you a strong foundation for the rest of your life.

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Connect Groups

What are Connect Groups?

Connect Groups are the most effective places for people to get connected at Spotswood. They are personal, relational, and fun. They are places to make friends, establish lifelong relations and grow together spiritually. Each group is essentially a “church within a church” through which we build community within the congregation as a whole. Connect Groups allow Spotswood to grow larger and smaller at the same time.

Five Unique Characteristics of Connect Groups

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    Connect Groups are one of the main ways we assimilate and disciple adults within our church.

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    Connect Groups provide opportunities for further discipleship through the growth groups that are formed from within the Connect Group.

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    Connect Groups utilize a team approach to ministry, as opposed to an individual teacher keeping a group going. This allows for more people to be involved in the work of the group.

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    Connect Groups are not classes but rather communities. A place where you can connect with other believers and join with them in being on-mission with God in the world.

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    Connect Groups use curricula to guide the study, but the true curriculum for each group is the Bible.

Three Unique Objectives of Our Connect Groups


    This means that our expectation is for every group member to be a missionary where they work, live, and play. Jesus’ strategy for reaching the world is simple. It was to get a whole lot of little versions of Him infiltrating every nook and cranny of society by reproducing Himself in and through His people in every place throughout the world.


    Discipleship best happens in the context of relationships. It is within biblical community that a follower of Christ will best experiences spiritual growth. What does biblical community look like? Biblical community is a safe place where followers of Christ can share their failures, hurts, and struggles, with the assurance that those in that community will offer love and support, and grace when needed.


    Our Connect Group leaders teach people, not lessons. The goal is not the transfer of facts (information), but changed lives (transformation).

For more information, or for assistance in finding a group, please email

Find your group

It’s important to us that you are able to find the Connect Group that’s right for you. That’s why we’ve created this search engine with some basic details about each class, and several ways for you to filter your results. Now it’s easier than ever to find the class that you best fit.